VIP Beauty treatments


Working your skin from the outside in. This treatment starts with DERMAPLANING this has  been designed to deeply exfoliate dead skin cells and remove non terminal hair using a surgical scalpel, polish the skin, flush toxins, increase and stimulate our natural collagen and cell turnover. MICRONEEDLING is then used to puncture tiny holes into the skin which will heavily increase the absorption of any active ingredients by 80% as opposed to 8%, this is why we then use a HYALURONIC MASK for maximum results! This facial is the ultimate luxury that give you amazing soft, smooth, hydrated, even skin



lines and wrinkles

Dull /tired skin

Acne scarring


Removal of peach fuzz


Acne breakouts

All skin types


Elevated absorption levels of up to 80%

Brighter skin

Smoother skin

Increased hydration levels with hyaluronic acid

Flawless makeup application

Reduces scarring

Firmer skin

Increases collagen production

Removes 3 to 4 weeks worth of dead skin cells

Lymphatic drainage removes built up toxins

Glowing, even skin tone

Instant results with ongoing benefits (over 4 weeks)

Reduced prices for course bookings

Million Dollar body treatment from £99

If you’re determined to get rid of your stretch marks for good and considering treatment options, you may consider The million dollar body treatment .

Microneedling, also referred to as skin needling or collagen induction therapy, is a process where a professional therapist runs a tool over the stretch mark area. By creating minor injuries where skin has been damaged, microneedling encourages your body to repair damaged skin through increased production of collagen and elastin. Therefore reducing any scarring, stretch marks, pigmentation and even cellulite.

Reduced price for course bookings

Dermaplanning Facial from £30 - £75

Whether its the basic treatment, with a mask or luxury dermaplane thats designed to hydrate and plump the skin. This treatment gives you a deep exfoliation and removal of vellus hair and allows a greater product penetration from your own home care range

Basic - £35

With a glow mask - £45

With luxury mask - £60

With an enzyme peel and mask -£65

Dermaglow Facial £75

Glowing skin for days!

Indulge in the ultimate luxury of dermaplaning facial, as well as removing the vellus (peach fuzz) hair, this facial is designed to exfoliate your skin removing dead skin leaving your skin looking even and fresh for a amazingly smooth make-up application. Finishing off with a luxury vegan mask to brighten, nurish and hydrate the skin to give you that hollywood glow.

Microneedling  facial from £45 – 75

Helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, helps pigmentation, help pigmentation/sundamage, produces natural collegen and elastin, renews skin, improves the quality and texture, reduces pox marks an scaring, reduces blackheads, exfoliates the skin and evens the skintone! The results are endless and amazing to say the least.

Basic - £45

With glow mask - £55

With luxury mask - £70

Course prices can be bought at a reduced rate

Chemical peels £75

3 amazing peels with a free dermaplane treatment .

Glow , refresh and pure . Which one do you need?

Pure BHA Peel is a light superficial chemical peel that will remove the upper layers of the epidermis (pH 2.4).

This peel is suitable for acne treatments and can be used to improve skin texture.

Suitable for:

Inflammatory and non-inflammatory acne

Blackheads and comedones

Rough texture, fine lines and wrinkles

Enlarged pores

Skin ageing

Refresh AHA Peel is a superficial chemical peel that removes the upper layers of the epidermis (pH 1.55). It strengthens the skin and stimulates collagen synthesis.

Suitable for:

Ageing skin

Photo damaged skin

Rough texture, fine lines and wrinkles

Enlarged pores, dull, sallow skin color

Glow AHA Peel is a mild superficial glycolic acid peel which will remove the upper layer of the epidermis (pH 1.7). It inhibits melanin synthesis, brightens the skin, evens out discolouration and is safe to use on darker skin.

Suitable for:

Photo damaged skin


Rough texture, fine lines and wrinkles

Enlarged pores, dull, sallow skin color

Ageing skin

High frequency facial £39

High Frequency is an electrical current and radio frequency used to stimulate, sanitise and heal the skin. The High Frequency current generates warmth in the skin and stimulates nerve endings. This in turn increases blood circulation. It encourages healthy cell function and promotes skin healing.

It eliminates and prevents acne – has germicidal and bacterial effect.

Shrinks enlarged pores – with regular use the gentle spray of oxygen molecules produced by high frequency diminish enlarged pores by penetrating deep down in the root of the affected area and cleaning out debris and toxins allowing the pore to quickly regain it’s natural size once again.

Benefits of High Frequency

The High frequency facial is very good for people who are prone to pimples and blemishes. It improves lymphatic drainage and eliminates toxins and acne.

The High frequency treatment is ideal for mild acne scars. It improves the blood circulation, encourages cell renewal and increased the production of collagen and elastin. These are essential for healing the scars.

It can help cystic Acne to reduce inflammation and heal the cysts faster.

BB Semi perm foundation rejuvination facial £99 a session

Taking beauty world by storm it is a Korean pain free beauty facial which helps add vitamins anti ageing ingredients into the skin along with a special foundation to give you mild to full coverage - looking like you’ve woke up with makeup on!

Amazing for those who are going on holiday and want to look FLAWLESS! Spa weekends ? Special event coming up? Or just want to overall not have the hassle of putting makeup on in the morning ? Then this is perfect!!

-Reduces wrinkles and dark circles

-It has all the anti-aging ingredients, vitamins, and antioxidants which go into your skin.

-Hydrates the skin

-Tightening skin

-Reduces and improves scaring/ pigmentation

-Reduces inflammation and redness

-Plumps the skin - collagen production

-Long lasting effects up to 6 months with session of 3/4

Cellulite blasting body scrub £45

Using our clinics OWN RANGE of fully natural, vitamin enriched, VEGAN 🌱, cruelty free products you can lavish in luxury and relaxation! Begin with a full body exfoliation using our tailored body scrubs to invigorate your body by shedding your body of dead skin cells. Once removed you will receive a cellulite ridding body brush treatment to increase energy and blood flow, stimulate your lymphatic system to rid the body of toxins and help treat cellulite in the process!!! Now your body is prepped you will be treated to the finale; a tailored body massage using specialist treatments that will increase circulation, relieve tension, reduce stress, relieve anxiety, improve sleep, and promote relaxation throughout the entire body, as well as many other benefits! Your body will absorb the product better due to the pre stages too! Once complete you will not only feel regenerated and relaxed, feel super soft and beach ready but until the sun is shining again it will also provide a better self tanning result!!