Discounted treatments at the clinic !!

Latest update!!! (Email your enquiries as per at the bottom of the page)

❤️5th October - profhilo model for face and neck combined @ 10am

❤️8th October- 1 person for anti ageing treatment £50 per area

❤️18th October- Fliming day so all staff need to treat a client who is comfortable being on film momentarily so will be discounted -11am

❤️19th October- Advanced training day - models needed for already qualified students upskilling

2 models needed each for :

Treating a gummy smile- the treatment to reduce the amount of gum you see when you smile £50

Treating a down turned smile - the treatment to reduce the pull making people look unhappy £50

Treating bunny lines- the lines that occur above our nasal bridge and can span to our tear trough £50