Duty of care to you ❤️

As a Director of an established clinic it is important that I empower myself as well as the ladies who work here to say NO..

As a clinic we base our principles on those stipulated by the the Nursing and Midwifery council (2018) We always act in the best interests of our clients and whilst communicating, alway explain the treatment clearly providing the best advice, additional access to information, and ensuring we are being honest and ethical at all times in terms of the limitations of a treatment and suitability for that treatment..It also is paramount that we consider the safety of our clients at all times, and therefore if the treatment holds risks it’s our job to explore those... so a consultation is always essential...

If we categorically know that the desired treatment will not provide the result that the client/patient is predicting it is our duty of care and obligation to ensure we are ethically transparent about this.. It is easy to say yes, to take money, to promise and under deliver... Saying no is not easy and in fact in the last 12 month has resulted in some VERY difficult exchanges, but I stand by our principles and I hope that in time this reflects on the standards of our care.

We will ALWAYS put our clients safety and well-being over any profits.., We may be an Aesthetics practice but on a daily basis we support our clients in more ways than one and although we appreciate it can be disappointing to be provided with a treatment plan that is different than the one you had envisaged, it is our job to be transparent and honest with you at all times.

As a clinic, we are working hard to keep the ethical standards high and to always put our clients first, we are running free monthly mental health drop ins.. we have a membership that provides nutritional support and access to reduced fitness memberships.. we are working hard to bring as much as we can to the table to ensure you always receive the most you can from us, and that is in addition to the fact we ensure we are ALWAYS training, learning and developing with regular training and clinical supervision.

We are La Ross and we are more than just a clinic ❤️

Kate xx

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