Facial Oil For Oily Skin

Facial Oil For Oily Skin



As we get older our skin needs both water and oil to combat deterioration. Dry skin is when you don’t have enough oil on your face; dehydrated skin is when you don’t have enough water in your skin. Oils thrive on the top layers of your skin; water thrives inside your skin - where it’s trapped by those oils.


That’s what your moisture barrier is, an oil-infused barrier to reduce the evaporation of precious skin substances. And this is where facial oil comes in - by applying before or in addition to moisturiser it will reinforce your moisture barrier and protect your skin with extra nourishment.


If your skin is already oily, use our Balance & Calm Facial Oil to help calm, regulate and stabilise the production of sebum, lock in precious moisture and ensure that your skin looks toned and bright. Our facial oils can also be used in layered combination with your favourite La Ross Aesthetics day cream.